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You and I know that the whole universe is changing drastically for the worse. Some

people might be in denial of this. But sincerely speaking, the state of our world is

very unstable and the inhabitants are no longer at ease.

Wickedness, killings, poverty, wars, imoralities, greed, deceptions, drug and

alcohol abuse, unstable families, loneliness, increase in diseases and death,

human rtafficking, human slavery, mental health crises, etc; then of curse the

government of the world who would pretend they know it all, and therefore,

they think they have the magic wand - yet things are getting worse.

Those of you who read the Bible will know that these things has already been predicted in pas the end time signs, which is the second coming of the

Son of God, Jesus Christ. The inhabitants of the world living or dead shall be judged, and expected to give account of their living in the world. God the Creator will

claim back His universe for His Kingdom. Denial of the existence of God is rebellion.

Have you given this a thought? God the father and his son loves you, and They want to let you experience Their divine love, which will give you peace and assurance of life eternal. He doesn't want you to be condemned as a result of sin and unbelief. He is very forgiving, I have experience him that is why I am inviting you to come and know Him.

There is a lot to explain about the love of Christ.

Please do not say ‘NO’ to this invitation. Accept Him now. Contact us to find out how to know Jesus.

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