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About Our Founder


FIDELIA,   Founder and Worldwide Archbishop of Born Again Christ Healing Church International arrived in the UK 1966. 

An advocate of the people, she fought for justice for the black community, speaking in the Houses of Parliament to challenge immigration injustices. She was interviewed by the BBC during the murder of Joy Gardner in Hornsey and was also the pastor of Dorothy Nwokedi who was brutally deported in 1993 - two cases that caused a national outcry in UK.

As the Chief Prophet of the Church, she was consecrated Archbishop in 1994.

Serving the Council of African and Caribbean Churches UK, she negotiated for the recognition of black led churches by the former British Council of Churches. She was the signatory to the inaugural service of Churches Together in England in 1990.

Fidelia has served passionately in various Christian bodies through the CACC UK for many years;- the FCFC (FCC), CTE from the starting till now. A member of the GLU for as long as it lasted; she is a member of the Enabling Group of the CTE and the Moderator of the CACC UK. She is a member of the London Church Leaders Forum. She was an Honorary Chaplain to the William Harvey Special School in Tottenham for many years and was the chair of the Parent Teacher Association of Campsbourne Junior School.

She is a member of The Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) and the President of the Council of Christian Communities of African Approach in Europe.

 She holds a Certificate in Theology and an Advanced Diploma in Ministry.

She is a Cassell  author  of The Book ‘Preaching with Power’ and a  powerful preacher; a writer of Psalmist and Music Composer; a mother of five and a grandmother to seven.

She has just released an Album called THE PASSION SONGS, accompanied by Born Again Christ Healing Church International Choir.

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